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Make Your Team Great with Inte-Great!™

Let's face it. Coaches know how important team bonding is. Every season they are hopeful that pre season activities lay the foundation for a winning season. Coaches must get creative every pre - season to find the right community and social activities that will engage team members. When there is no design to team building, players feel unattached. Perhaps that is the reason why player transfers are on the rise due to a lack of emotional connection within the team.

In recruiting, coaches exhaust tireless efforts of evaluating potential player's athletic abilities, season stats, game film while following recruiting guidelines. Up until the Letter-of-Intent, coaches can only hope they get to know who their investment really is. It's also been stated that most recruits are unsure if they are making the right decision based on a lack of emotional connection with the coaching staff. That may be the reason many recruits change their minds at the last minute.

Rather than show recruits a fun time on your campus with other student athletes and college sponsored activities, it's time you establish a passionate and emotional connection that defines your program.

For high school coaches, TEAM Inte Great serves a purpose for young players to get a jumpstart with their development of communication skills. This is an unforgetable experience that will leave a long lasting impression on their young life.

"U-Coach" TEAM Inte Great Program
...a guide to make your team great!

Most Fortune 500 companies use various Personality Tests to evaluate the talents of employees and potential hires to gain deeper understanding of how to manage or understand one's leadership style.

TEAM Inte-Great uses a similar PEP (Player Energy Profile) Assessment that parallels the same concept of personality and motivational style. The Assessments can provide insightful information that can build team synergy as well as ink top talent.

Utilizing the assessments and learning how to Inte-Great new communication skills can also be a life-changing opportunity for student athletes. It can be a recruiting edge when potential recruits learn of their results and grasp how deeply you care in developing their talents and earning a degree. This can be an emotional connection base that sets you apart from competitors.

1 Use TEAM Inte-Great for Staff & Current Team Members

You can't coach character but now you can manage it. Your entire staff & team communicate non verbally with each other every day. Use with your High School or College Team. Now you can deeply understand each other and learn to be effective communicators.

2 Use TEAM Inte-Great for Recruits
Your staff evaluates talent....but how do you measure heart?

TEAM Inte-Great provides analysis to help you learn the
of each team member, staff member & potential recruits!

"Sports builds character" and TEAM Inte-Great defines character.

"UCoach Inte-Great Program guides you to
evaluate individual energy and mold team synergy.

The experience is a building block and will become the
Playbook for the Game of Life with your student-athletes.

"UCoach" Team Inte-Great Program

This interactive tool is designed for your coaching staff to apply team building concepts based on measured personality and motivational styles for each of your players, staff AND recruits.

Most Fortune 500 companies provide a Personality Profile test so they can better understand how to manage their employees and understand their leadership styles.

Team Inte-Great has implemented a similar concept for current teams & for potential recruits. The results help coaches & team members better understand the motivational & personality style with the intent of improving team communication and group dynamics. This deepens any team bonding activity & is an ongoing learned skill that builds team synergy every day.

For recruits, coaches can learn early in the process the type of motivational & personality style each individual has in order to decide if their recruiting efforts should continue or not. There may be great talent out there but you need to really find out the character of new players and how this will affect your team synergy.

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PowerPoint Presentation
UPrint PDF Guide

All of these Movies are included in the Program

Understanding Your Color Movie
Heey Coach Movie
It All Matters
A Simple Game Movie
This Season Movie
Yeeah Coach Movie

UCoach Program:
LESSON PLANS include Q&A from Coach Schrad's
movies' sentiments

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20 Athletes & Coaches
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Coaching with Colors: Inte Great Personality Styles to Synergize Your Team
UCoach™ Program Activities Package Created by Coaches for Coaches
A Comprehensive Activities Program including a complement of Wristbands

UCOACH Leadership Program Includes:

Presentation Script with PowerPoint Presentation Slides

73 PowerPoint Slides for a Complete Presentation for Coaches and Staff with a
99-page easy-to-follow Script.

73 PowerPoint Slides for a Complete Presentation for Athletes/Players with a
99-page easy-to-follow Script.

116-page UCoach™ Coaches Manual PDF (UPrint) Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

A Simple READ & GO delivery system
for the novice as well as the more experienced public speaking person.

16-page Participant's Workbook PDF (UPrint) Notebook-size to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

  Team Transitional Activities to Define & Refine Stages of Your Season

  20 PEP (Player Energy Profile) Assessments (see Note* below) for:

Head CoachAssistant Coaches / StaffTeam MembersRecruits

  What Color Are You? A fun TEAM Inte Greating activity: the COLOR Ceremony for recognizing everyone's color on the team, after P.E.P.s have all been completed to kick off the season.

  Get ALL 6 Mini Movies inserted into PowerPoint Slideshow:

"Heey Coach!" Movie,
This Season Movie ,
It All Matters ,
A Simple Game Movie ,
Beyond 94x50 - and -
Understanding Your Color Movie.

  Follow 6-Week Lesson Plan with TEAM Energy Objectives & Discussion. Each week is designed to get your TEAM to Take A.I.M through Appreciational ~ Inspirational ~ Motivational Mini Movies which include: • Understanding Your Color • A Simple Game • Heeey Coach • This Season • It All Matters • Yeah Coach!?

  Inte Great Energy meetings designed to run approximately 45 60 minutes

  Inte Great Match & Mirror Technique & Role Playing Team ACTivities

  Miscues of the Cues Team Activity Game

  Who Said It / Who Did It Team SYNERGIZING Game

  Inter active team building COLOR games that serve a purpose to improve acceptance & understanding for all players and coaches

  Season Overview of: Take A.I.M. to Achieve Season Goals


In addition to the UCOACH™ PowerPoint and Leader's Guide (PDF Download):

When ordering, we encourage you to get 1 Wristband per Team Participant
plus enough Extras to make sure there is enough of every color.

Once you've invested in your Coaching with Colors UCoach Program you will have your coaches and athletes take the electronic PEPs Assessments Online through your private access code.

We highly recommend having them take the electronic  PEPs Assessments Online 3-4 weeks ahead of when you plan to begin TEAM Inte Great training.

Why 3-4 weeks ahead of your starting date?

Because that's when everyone is ordering and it's the best way to assure we will have plenty of wristbands in stock to meet season opening needs.

Coaches and Athletes particularly enjoy the Colors Wristband Ceremony segment of the Color's PEPs test results and program.

You will be pleased to know that the Color's PEPs test results and program carries well on the court and off the court and becomes a "go to" point of intervention, defusing emotional intensity, emotional build up and emotional melt downs quickly by bridging understanding throughout the entire season.



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UCOACH™ Program  
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  PowerPoint and PDF Leaders Guide

UCoach Program: 8 LESSON PLANS include Q&A regarding
Coach Schrad's movies' sentiments for Athletes & Coaches

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Bonus 100-Poster Bundle $595 $295     20 packages of 5 Wall Posters
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Order Wristbands in Colors & Quantities Needed with the Program

(You can come back and get the wristbands after testing your group members)

Quantity by Color:   Cost            
[Bags of 5]  
[Bags of 25]  
[Bags of 100]  
Choose the Wristband Colors and Quantities required, then click:  

Order Additional Online PEP Assessment Tests Needed with the Program

(You can come back and get these at any time)


Each Assessment $9.95

Each participant needs to take the online Personality Style Assessment in order to provide the basis for the program.

Men's Basketball PEP Assessments
Head Coach
Staff / Assistant
Read the EULA

* The UCoach Program includes 20 PEP Assessment Tests, which are administered Online:

1   Assessment Test for Head Coach
4   Assessment Tests for Assistant Coaches / Staff
15   Assessment Tests for Athletes / Players
0   Assessment Tests for Athletes-Recruits (get these above)
Mary Schrad with Bobby Knight Wristbands Say:

INTE GREAT TEAM SYNERGY Wristbands in Four Colors

Take the PEP

We advise you to place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your
scheduled event to assure we will have products to fulfill your order.
Wristbands may sell out before the replacement products arrive.
Please call if you have an upcoming training occurring soon. 800-249-6587
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