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Make Your TEAM Great!
Coaching with Colors

Current Team Members Version
P.E.P. (Players Energy Profile) Assessments
[15 Athletes Assessments are included with the base Program]


When you use P.E.P. & CwC
With your Current TEAM Members , you will:

♦ 'Bring out the color' – (personality & motivational color) of each team member to know how to understand & manage their personality and motivational styles;

♦ Show team members how to 'stay within the lines' to eliminate the chances of misperception or misunderstanding between teammates or coaching staff;

♦ Build team synergy and unify team goals;

♦ Mold your team with a sense of understanding and acceptance that can include experiences in and out of competition;

♦ Use as a predictor in knowing how each team member may react in different situations;

♦ Bridge communication while building life long communication skills through "Match & Mirror" Techniques;

♦ Learn how to communicate effectively beyond texting, You Tube, FaceBook & emails.

♦ Learn how to assist in defining and refining each stage of your season: FORMING~STORMING~NORMING~PERFORMING = enJOYing with Inte Greated strategies;

♦ Learn if your team members appear to be trustworthy with team rules;

♦ Learn if your team members can be compliant with NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA rules;

15 PEP (Player Energy Profile) Assessments for Players / Athletes
are included when you Invest in Coaching with Colors Program