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Coaching with COLORS: TEAM Inte-Great

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If you want your team to really connect and wear your school colors proudly,
then consider INTE-GREATING this program!

No Pain No Gain?!

The only pain of a season is if there is no gain!

Gains are the little victories that happen everyday within a season. It could be from a tough loss or getting through an intense practice. It could be accepting people that don't think like you but have as much passion as you. Getting to the how to process of improving communication is a life long gain.

By inte greating, you will become more in tune with a variety of gains. These new skills go beyond the court!

The gain with any team or company is guiding them through Bruce Tuckman's natural stages for Leadership and Team Building model of...


As a result of many little victories along the way, enJOYing is part of each stage. This is how teams gain - because when the TEAM is united: together everyone achieves more!

Coming Full Circle!
Ask any coach and they will tell you their most enjoyable pleasures in coaching is the camaraderie and bond they share within their coaching circle.

Coach Mary & Coach Mary are a product of this. Their bond started in 1981 when they were both rookie coaches and passionate to start their careers. Coach S just finished her women's pro basketball career and was returning from the European Women's League and could not wait to start playing the game for 5 and put to use her Recipe box!

Married to a high school football coach, Coach R lived in a non stop coaching world! Coming from Nebraska, and the prideful sports state that it is, Coach R had a passion to implement 'new' innovative coaching techniques that this small community never had the opportunity to experience! Coach R had just earned her Masters degree in Educational Psychology and integrated many sports psychology practices with her volleyball and basketball teams.

She was way ahead of her time as these techniques got her teams and students to 'the next level' while making an impact in their young lives! Her teams won championships in both sports. Coach R was destined to making a difference as a young educator and coach.

After working together for 4 years including international competition with high school all star teams, their career paths went in different directions. Mary S began climbing her coaching ladder after winning a State Basketball title and Mary R pursued her psychology path beyond education into the corporate world.

Nearly 25 years later, they re-connected with the same passion and a legacy of accomplishments to compare. Through much discussion of what their careers had taught them, Coach S was eager to find a missing ingredient for her Recipe Box. Coach R and husband, Craig, were publishers of Heart Productions & Publishing and creators of Make A Difference programs and books.

While developing these programs, Coach R spoke to tens of thousands of people in every major city in the U.S. field testing, researching and creating her Connecting with Colors® program. Coach R was a frequent Consultant, Coach and Trainer in many Fortune 500 companies. She is also the author of 7 books and many educational programs.

It was inevitable that TEAM Inte Great would be formed to help find communication solutions and understanding personality and motivational styles for coaches.

Coach Schrad's Recipe Box
It was the influence of her college coach who suggested she get a recipe box and start collecting basketball diagrams and strategies as future references for her coaching days. This recipe box housed in depth diagrams of offenses, defensive breakdowns, press breakers, practice drills and any good strategy idea that would one day serve as a specific resource.

Not only was each diagram completely color coded with in-depth illustrations, but it also showed the reference of WHO-WHAT-WHEN as appreciation to that particular source. This was meant to acknowledge past mentors! The Recipe Box served its purpose for many seasons!

However, through the years, there was one recipe that seemed to be missing and this ingredient bothered Mary her entire coaching and business career. There was no recipe for taking mixed ingredients of a team when indifference seems to dominate with negative energy.

The recipe was calling for: how to handle indifferences within a group where you can get everybody to work together and accept each other even though they are completely different from each other. In other words, how do you lessen the drama and minimize conflict?

This would be a career long question that Coach Mary & Coach Mary would finally come together to create the missing ingredients.

Hence, Coaching with Colors: TEAM Inte Great!

Coach Mary Schrad

Coach Mary Schrad Former Women's Professional Basketball Player - 1 year in U.S. and 3 years in European Women's Basketball Pro League; Retired from 20 year coaching of women's college & high school basketball & volleyball; Awarded National Runner-Up College Coach-of-the- Year Award; Named 8 times Coach-of-the Year Award; numerous Regional & State Championships; 1st woman to be inducted to my college's Hall of Fame; WBL National Women's Basketball Hall of Fame; co-author of many national articles on women's health issues & weight loss; co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series book.

Mary grew up in Iowa and played 6 on 6 basketball in high school. When she went to college and learned she had unlimited dribbles in the game, this added a whole new skill for her! While earning her BA Degree, she went on to set many scoring and rebounding records that still exist at Briar Cliff College in Sioux City, Iowa.

Coach Schrad enjoyed 20 years of coaching basketball and volleyball. This span included high school, JUCO, NAIA and NCAA. Mary also served as the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at NCAA Division II for 7 years and during this time; also served a 4 year position as the Western Regional Representative for NCAA Division I National Ski Championships. She also served on the Division II Basketball Rating Committee. Mary attended the United States Sports Academy pursuing her Master's Degree in Sports Administration.

Mary's coaching span includes a memorable year as a boy's high school junior varsity basketball coach, International competition and travel with high school and college women's teams in 5 different countries and conducting many coaches' clinics and summer FUNdaMENTAL camps. She has had the joy to coach many All State, All Conference and All Americans through the years and recognizes the contributions that each of her past players made.

While being named Coach-of-the-Year 8 different times and runner-up National Coach-of-the-Year, winning numerous District titles and a high school State Basketball Championship, Mary transitioned her coaching and team philosophies into the fitness & business world.

Her experiences transcended into the same type of successful practices from her coaching days. Even though her tennis shoe days took her off the court, her tennis shoe mentality grounded her business approach.

As a fitness franchise club owner, it was not long until Mary grew into the National Corporate location where she was named the National Trainer and Director of Franchise Support. During this time, she was the primary author in Chicken Soup for the Soul for Contours Express Member & became a frequent Presenter at many Health & Fitness conventions. As a Health Club CEO and having a pulse on the industry, Mary's foundation of TEAM approach never left her coaching tennis shoe career.

No matter the industry, Mary has witnessed when leaders do not recognize the process of FORMING - STORMING - NORMING = PERFORMING . They cannot mold their team into a cohesive unit. More importantly, if leaders do not understand their staff or student athletes, they inevitably invite conflict. In business, upper level management must allow leaders to lead and guide through stages of development.

When players do not understand the intensity of a coach, that intent gets misinterpreted. Likewise, when a coach does not understand how to motivate a player, the frustration cycle continues and goals are not achieved.

A major influence on Mary in her business career path was being introduced to various personality tests and motivational style testing as part of business hiring practices. She saw great value in this Fortune 500 business concept as it provided a foundation, when used properly, how to communicate effectively with all levels of an organization

The rest is history as Coach Mary & Coach Mary reunited to make a difference in the sports world.

Coach Schrad's Career Ladder:

In reflection of Mary's climbing-the-ladder career, she credits much of her success and hands-on approach with the foundation of TEAM. Being part of the 'pioneer era' in women's sports has allowed her to be creative with every aspect of sport or business. Expanding her role as a 'sportspreneur' is part of Coach Schrad's legacy that continues to impact lives.

Here is a summary of Coach Schrad's coaching and business career experience:

Graduate of Sioux City Heelan High School - greatly influenced by Coach John Adams who remains a friend for Life, as he was a game changer in Mary's young life.

Graduate of Briar Cliff College: earned BA in HPER; 4 year basketball starter with 4 All Conference & Team Awards; 4 year shortstop on softball team with 4 All Conference & Team Awards; first woman inducted into Briar Cliff College Sports Hall of Fame in 1991. Mary attributes many of her coaching influences to her college coach, Sister Annette George. Mary often referred to her as not only Coach - but the "NUN!"

WBLRather than entering her rookie year as a teacher / coach, Mary wanted to keep playing basketball! The first ever Women's Pro Basketball League was forming with 12 teams. Mary tried out with the Milwaukee Does team only to be cut! Mary took this experience and applied it in a later try-out with the Iowa Cornets and made the team! Mary signed her first pro contract with the Iowa Cornets on Labor Day in 1978!

There were many dedicated players from this league who are still an influence in women's sports today, either as a coach, mother, administrator or simply a fan. Kara Porter authored it best in her published book, Mad Seasons: The Story of the First Ever Women's Professional Basketball League.

The WBL was a business. Rumors were already circulating after the first season that the league may fold due to lack of ticket sales. Mary wanted to keep playing and found a way to be discovered to play in the European Women's Pro League. Leaving Iowa for Vienna, Austria & Munich, Germany were the destined paths that allowed Mary to compete in 11 different countries and a Europa All Star Tour that extended her 4 year career overseas playing a simple game.

After Europe, Mary traded her high tops in for low tops to start climbing her coaching ladder:

• Mt. View High School, Mt View, Wyoming: Assistant Volleyball & Girl's Basketball Coach; JV Boys Basketball Coach; Health & Physical Education teacher;

• Lyman High School, Lyman, Wyoming: Head Girls Volleyball & Basketball Coach, taught Health & Physical Education - won State Basketball Championship; Coach of the Year and North All Star Coach at University of Wyoming through WHSCA; 2 Regional Basketball titles; Consolation at State Volleyball; District Title;

• Casper Junior College, Casper, Wyoming: Head Volleyball & Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Physical Education Instructor, Academic Advisor - Region IX Volleyball Coach-of-the Year Award; Conference Coach-of-the Year; National JUCO Basketball Championship Qualifiers; Summer Camp Clinician;   Founder of FUNdaMENTAL Sports Camps; coached All Conference; Academic All Conference and All Americans;

• Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota; Head Volleyball & Basketball Coach, Physical Education Instructor, Academic Advisor; In Volleyball, SDIC Conference Champs; was the 1st ever Team to qualify for Nationals in men's or women's sport by qualifying for National NAIA Tournament; 2 times Coach-of-the Year; Tachikara District Coach-of-the Year Award; NAIA National Runner Up Coach-of-the-Year Award; Recognized by the State of South Dakota as Team-of-the Year Award; Best overall team records to date; Basketball SDIC Conference Champs; Coach-of-the-Year Award; continued Summer Camp Coaching Clinician, FUNdaMENTAL Sports Camps; again coached many All Conference, Academic All Conference and All Americans;

• Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance; Head Women's Basketball Coach; started NCAA Compliance Program; oversee Rules & Regulation Compliance for Men & Women's Sports; continuous education process for coaches and student athlete academic progress with enforcement of rules; Division II Basketball Rater; Four year term on NCAA Division I National Ski Championships Committee; improved women's basketball record to 3rd best record in college history; coached RMAC All Conference student athletes & recipient of NCAA Division II Student - Athlete Award;

• Transitioned Sportspreneur and TEAM approach to Contours Express Women's Fitness Franchisee located in Greeley, Colorado; Cited in the Top Five Best Franchises;

• Promoted to Contours Express National Training Director & Franchise Support Manager for Corporate Office, located in Lexington, Kentucky;

• Presenter and Speaker at National Fitness and Women Expo Conventions; Author of fitness-related articles focusing on Business Side of Fitness;

• Primary Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul for the Contours Express Member, turning weight LOSS into emotional GAIN - everywhere!

Women's Health Examiner Writer - Cleveland, Ohio

• CEO of Five Seasons Family Sports Club, Cleveland, Ohio

• Co-Author of Coaching with Colors, in association with Connecting With Colors® Programs

• Co-Founder of TEAM Inte Great - everywhere!


Coach Mary Reynolds

Coach Mary SchradFounder and Owner of Heart Productions & Publishing, whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of millions by being a living example of what humanity can be. Mary is the Producer of Mary Schrad's five new Coaching Movies and has become best known for having produced the world renowned movies, and - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases. She has written seven books and has spoken to tens of thousands of people in a two-year period in every major city in the U.S.

Mary grew up in a small farming community in Nebraska and used her athletic ability to play volleyball, basketball and cheerlead for football. She was like all who live in NE, a crazy devoted Cornhusker football fan.

So she married a football coach! With his encouragement, she began coaching basketball and volleyball. Mary had no idea just how deeply competitive she really was until she started coaching and experiencing the thrill of her athletes' confidence grow and starting to get those wins! These where the years Mary R coached with Mary S in the same area and was invited to assist Coach Mary S' team to play one summer in Europe.

As someone whose teams won championships in each sport, she knows what it takes to energize and positively influence athletes to winning outcomes with synergistic focus and intention.

She spent her early professional years as a K-8 classroom teacher and then as a K-12 and college counselor. She was having tremendous, measurable academic results with the kids nobody else wanted in their classrooms and developing "attitudinal" energy techniques to empower students and parents to bridge effective communication and leadership within the educational system.

With her Masters in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development she developed a rather unorthodox understanding of the psychology behind disruptive and unproductive behavior, which gave her a phenomenal advantage when it come to winning championships. She was way ahead of her time as she had her students and athletes all visualizing specific scenarios that she coached them through before practice and each game, to get them winning in their minds first and body movement and agility next.

Because of her phenomenal success both on and off the court, she realized she needed to teach what she was doing, that others simply were not doing. She parlayed her phenomenal success with at-risk youth into Continuing Education Courses for Portland State University on how to be energetically effective educators.

For the past two decades, she has created her exceptional UTrain & UCoach programs to Coach, Consult and Train educational professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and administrative assistants in conducting training and consulting on how to be effective in creating improvement in their organizations through the power of TEAM SYNERGY with her Connecting with Colors® Program as the foundational piece to a WINNING equation.

During this same time period, she was also an active network marketing business builder in The People's Network (TPN) - a Positive Television company. Known as "The Success Channel," it was one of the most revolutionary concepts ever introduced to the television industry. During the first two years of building this business, her organization's exponential efforts brought in well over 1200 business associates, and Mary was recognized as one of TPN's Top 50 Producers because of implementing her TEAM SYNERGY winning ways.

She has first hand knowledge of the day to day demands of owning and running a business. She understand the need to Connect with people' personality style Colors to create self-sustaining TEAM SYNERGY for - customer service, recruiting, training, managing - as well as the long term goals of group development - contracts, negotiations, sales, branding, production costs, increasing customer base.

As an Educational Psychologist turned Coach, Mary knows that running a business also includes effectively dealing with negative mindsets and misunderstandings that can lead to contagious gossip and brutal back-stabbing among staff, the negative intensity of personality style differences which can - if not effectively diffused - ultimately will seep out to consumers and business associates. The development of her work with such a diverse and creative group of individuals has been key to the growth and reach of her business to make a difference.

Mary is the author of Connecting with Colors®, Make A Difference with the Power of Connection, Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment, The Power of Compassion: 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference, Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior, Team Synergy 101, Academic Success 101, Attitude Alignment, You Are A Success!, a series of lightly spiritual mini books, the publisher of Gifts by the Side of the Road and Co-Author of Coaching with Colors™, in association with Connecting With Colors® Programs Co-Founder of TEAM Inte Great - everywhere!


Mary's parting recommendation from National Seminars Group: It has been our pleasure at NSG to contract with Mary Robinson Reynolds. She has a unique ability to connect with the audience while delivering high quality training with ease, grace and impact. To be successful in our business, our contract speakers must hold the audience's attention for 6 hours. They must travel to a different city each night and do this for 5 consecutive days. They must appear as fresh on Friday as they did on Monday. They must deliver training with as much enthusiasm and impact on Friday as they did on Monday. As you can see, this contract requires high levels of commitment and stamina. Mary always achieved to a high level of expectation.
- Sharon B. Yoder, Director of Faculty and Seminar Services
   National Seminars Group ~ National Businesswomen's Leadership Association,
   A Division of Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center, Inc.

Mary is very proficient. I am nearing retirement age and thought I might not find a lot in the seminar I could use. I was wrong! I realize now I have the rest of my life to use the image and communication skills she displayed today.
- Betty M. Nichols, Judicial Assistant
   Idaho Supreme Court

Not only is Mary entertaining, she includes a variety of sources, quotes and information supporting today's topic. I came to today's class with a somewhat negative attitude about a very large, challenging and potentially career-destroying project on my mind. I leave with a new attitude: this is a Thrilling Opportunity!!!
- Molly Lopez
   Federal Woman's Program Manager

"Mary, I thought you would like to know that your seminar has made a difference in me. It has helped gel mega amounts of information that I have been feeding to myself for the last year or so. I feel as if I have a handle on knowing what I want and how to attain it."
- Theresa D. Us
   Network of Executive Women

Wow! What a wonderful, powerful way to learn to communicate . . . AND have a great time too! Fun-packed seminar full of fantastic ideas you can put to work for you anywhere, any time AND with anyone! Very entertaining presenter!
- Rita Singleton, Admin Assist.

Mary Robinson Reynolds is such an inspiration to me. As a seminar leader she's GREAT! She reminded me of a great speaker by the name of Barbara DeAngelos.
- Aida Fields, Admin. Assist.

Mary is very dynamic and expressive. Very powerful, riveting seminar. Witty, charming, and very, very informative.
- Kathy Berreth, Admin. Support

I feel very empowered with the tools and techniques Mary presented. Mary is an excellent speaker who was able to incorporate theory with real life situations. I highly recommend any program Mary presents.
- Rebecca Nance, Sales Representative

Elkay Manufacturing
Internal Revenue Service: the IRS
Sprint Communications

University and Community College Systems of Nevada
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
Columbia Paint

Coach Mary and Coach Mary's TOPIC: Coaching with Colors


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