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Coaching with Colors

P.E.P. (Players Energy Profile) Assessments
[Recruit Assessments are purchased separately from the base Program]


When you use P.E.P. & CwC
In your RECRUITING PROCESS, you will:

♦ 'Learn the color' of potential student athletes by understanding what type of personality & motivational style they possess. Are they 'mold material' or 'moldy material' for you to pass up!

♦ By understanding their communication style, your staff will have a better chance in helping them transition into a valuable team member.

♦ Identify the type of practice atmosphere that is best matched for the student-athlete's personality & motivational style for in-season, weight room or off season conditioning practices;

♦ Learn if your recruit is trustworthy with team rules;

♦ Learn if your recruit can be compliant with NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA rules;

♦ Learn if your recruit can apply "Match & Mirror Techniques" as a potential team member

♦ Learn new mental techniques with how to work through and understand each challenging stage of your season so you may maximize your potential as a student athlete: FORMING~STORMING~NORMING~PERFORMING = enJOYing with new Inte Greated skills learned for Life;

♦ Learn if your recruit has the potential to be a good teammate in and out of practice;

♦ Learn early in the recruiting process if their character can match their athletic skills that make them worthy for a Letter of Intent;

♦ Realize that each recruit is an investment into your program. You can protect your recruitment selection and get a return on your institution's investment by knowing who your recruits really are.

20 PEP (Player Energy Profile) Assessments
are included when you Invest in Coaching with Colors Program
1 for Head Coach; 4 for Assistant Coaches; 15 for Team Members
- PEP Assessments for Recruits are sold separately -