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Make Your TEAM Great!
Coaching with Colors

P.E.P. (Players Energy Profile) Assessment
[One Coach's Assessment is included with the base Program]


When you use P.E.P. & CwC
With your
HEAD COACH, you will:

♦ Learn how to effectively communicate with members of your staff, administrators, parents & boosters

♦ Minimize miscommunication problems between staff and players

♦ Understand today,s interpretation of "Walk the walk & talk the talk" among today's student athletes

♦ Understand Stages of Your Season in designing team synergy and unify team goals;

♦ Mold – not fold your team with a deeper sense of understanding how to attain goals through deeper levels of motivation;

♦ Use as a predictor in knowing how each team member may react in different situations;

♦ Understand personality & motivational style with each team member to maximize performance,

♦ Bridge communication in all areas of your sport while developing life long communication skills for your student – athletes through Match & Mirror Techniques;

♦ Learn how to communicate effectively beyond texting, You Tube, FaceBook & emails;

♦ Learn how to define and refine each stage of your season: FORMING~STORMING~NORMING~PERFORMING = enJOYing with Inte Greated strategies;

♦ Use Inte-Great Program as a Recruiting Tool in showing parents how this communication program can positively impact their son/daughter for after college when entering the professional world;

♦ Learn if your team members appear to be trustworthy with team rules;

♦ Learn if your team members can be compliant with NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA rules;

20 PEP (Player Energy Profile) Assessments are
included when you Invest in Coaching with Colors Program
- One Assessment for Head Coach is included -