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Become a TEAM InteGreat Facilitator

Empower student athletes to know what you know!


Your sports experience is UNIQUE
and you have given and taken in many great PEP talks.
Perhaps those moments are still a part of you!
Do you desire to share your most competitive
learning moment experiences?

TEAM InteGreat Facilitators (TIGF) are sharing more than a weekly PEP talk!

Nationwide TIGFs are assisting coaches at all levels with
their team's individual energy & assisting them
to blend their emotional talent together.

Camp Owners/sports academies/health clubs/personal trainers/former coaches & players
are now able to offer a complete 'character' building program and be rewarded for their experiences.

No matter the arena - TIGFs help teams or individuals go good to great
with their mental and emotional approach with their sport.

Because Coaching with COLORS® starts with a SPORTS PEP

(Player Energy Profile) Assessment, it provides a baseline understanding of "who" each athlete is - and grows from there!

WHAT is a TEAM InteGreat Facilitator?

A TIGF is one who prequalifies and has completed

Coaching with COLORS® training through TEAM InteGreat University.

A TIGF obtains a license issued to teach Coaching with COLORS® content and are eligible to market and share with high school/college teams/ sports academies/ recruiting agencies/health clubs/ individuals/families/camp owners/etc AND be compensated for it!


WHO is eligible to become a TIGF?

Ideally, they are former coaches or players of any level that enjoy inspiring others. They are sports enthusiasts, Life Coaches, personal trainers, sports biz owners.  They are motivators and educators and know what a "game face" feels like.

Their sports experiences are unique & they want an opportunity to

'stay in the game' & contribute to help others gain personal success.

WHY Become A TIGF?

Because your valuable competitive experiences could positively impact a student athlete's life and you have a story to tell.  The sports arena is a natural environment and you know the hard work and dedication it takes to excel.

You get to do what you love!

motivate - educate - inspire - giving back - 

while being compensated for it!

$how Me the $$$  !!

5 Ways to Generate Income for Part time or Full time TIGF:


1.)  CwC UTrain Package - Direct Sales (current online program)

2.)  CwC TEAM Package Sale (TIGF becomes TEAM Presenter)

3.)  CwC Boot Camp for Coaching Staffs/Teams

4.)  CwC Sports Tutor Package

5.)  CwC Sports Biz Tutor Package

Other Considerations:

6.)  CwC Student Athlete Presentation Clinics

7.)  PEP Sales Assessments to College & High School Coaches & Student Athletes

8.)  CwC Key Note Speaker Fee Schedule (Clinics/ Final Four)

Follow our Income "X & O" Strategy  to build your business anywhere in the country at any school - college - AAU - camp - sports academy - YMCA - health club - recruiting agency - anywhere!


HOW to Become a TEAM InteGreat Facilitator!

Complete Pre Qualification Document

• Return LOI (Letter of Intent)

• Attend and meet all requirements of TEAM InteGreat University

for full Training & to Insure Coaching with Color ® License

Once you declare your signing as a TIGF:

• Work with us to help you secure individuals or teams as your PAID CLIENTS!

• Participate in weekly PEP Talk skype or conference calls

to discuss current sports events and strategies to help secure potential clients.

• Be a TEAM Player with other TIGFs - Allow us to Support YOU!

• Build your Brand anywhere - any level - no territory restrictions - you design your work schedule

What are the Responsibilities of a TIGF?

To carry out TEAM InteGreat Mission Statement & Program Content honorably:

•         To select your desired income level & let us help you reach it each month

•         To represent CwC program with honesty and integrity while working with many diverse groups

•         To represent yourself in a respectful and caring manner that brings mutual respect to all parties involved

•         To share your professional insight from your own successful experiences while delivering CwC content material

•         To motivate & educate all participants on every level via CwC Content


TEAM UP with:

           Mary Robinson Reynolds:  M.S. Educational Psychology Counseling & Development is known as the COLORSpreneur.  Mary has shared her 'coloring' with over 20,000 people of all ages and has presented to Fortune 500 companies, PTA groups to 1:1 training in every major US city.  Mary is the author and producer of the world renowned Internet videos, and The Acknowledgement which amassed over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases.  She has written eight books and has developed 'attitudinal energy' techniques that are being utilized in many school districts to empower students and parents to bridge effective communication and leadership within the educational system.  For the past 2 decades, she has taken her exceptional programs to educational professors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and administrative assistants conducting training and consulting on how to be effective in creating improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy.  She and husband Craig, are the owners of Heart Publishing and most noted for their business.

        Mary Schrad:  Upon reflection of a 20+ year coaching and athletic administration career including NCAA Compliance Officer and many coaching honors, Mary noted how some of her athletic teams were more successful than others given the same level of athletic talent.  Season after season, building team chemistry was always in pursuit but not always achieved.  Coincidently, after her coaching career, Mary entered the Executive fitness business world where she observed the same problematic thing - employee's intent to work as a team to achieve goals but can't get everybody on the same page.   Even in big business, there was no formal training in how to build team chemistry - just an expectation of git r done!   This was frustrating.

Being a Sportspreneur, Mary started asking the question:

1.)     "HOW can leaders plug in a system to work towards building team chemistry? 

2.)     WHAT simple type of assessment can measure a person's baseline understanding of their energy type?

3.)     Understanding that building team chemistry takes time, HOW can leaders shape this energy and mold into team synergy?

That is when Mary R & Mary S reunited as they were part of a coaching staff earlier in their career.  They came together comparing career achievements and challenges and asked the same question of:

"HOW can a coach (or business leader) define and refine individual energy so they may understand it enough to mold into team synergy and achieve goals more efficiently?"

Hence, almost 3 years later of field testing, writing and producing flash mini motivational movies with a comprehensive 6 week progressive behavior program, TEAM InteGreat was created!

 Get off the Bench & Get in our Game!

There is a sports team - a coach - a parent - a camp owner - a student athlete - waiting for YOU
to bring out the best in them with knowledge & experience you have enJOYed!

Share it by becoming a TEAM InteGreat Facilitator!

What are the Possibilities?

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