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UCoach TEAM Inte Great FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Team InteGreat?
It is your Guide to Great in making your team great through Synergy! Every coach evaluates talent, but how do you measure heart and character?

TEAM Inte Great will guide you with improving communication skills with every player and coach. Recognizing individual energy and transitioning this into team synergy is unified with team building activities that are meaningful and have purpose.
Sports builds character - we define it and teach you how to manage it!

Who should conduct the Team InteGreat Program?

Most head coaches will inte great this program themselves OR they may assign a specific coach to conduct the 6 week activities. The only requirement is that the coach who will conduct and guide discussions should take 'ownership' in it to build consistency. It is highly recommended that all staff be a part of the activities and discussions.

Is PEP Assessment a recruiting tool?
No. However, it will enhance your recruiting process by gaining an understanding of each potential recruit's personality and motivational style. It may provide an edge in the recruiting process when parents and student athletes fully understand the intent of valuing each PEP Assessment category.

What is a PEP Assessment?

It is a Player Energy Profile test that will identify motivational and personality styles and help individuals understand their strengths better. There is a gain in this while learning other people's strengths and differences in a way to improve communication and acceptance of each other. By taking individual energy into account in every interaction, there is a higher probability in molding team energy into team synergy!

Why do Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Staff take PEP Assessments?

It is advantageous for each coach and staff member to take the Assessment, so they can be included in the Inte Greating process! There is a specific PEP for Head Coach and for Assistant Coaches and Staff. Upon learning of each individual's personality and motivational style, the intent is to bring awareness to players so they may better understand their coaches and staff, and vice versa.

WHY PEP Assessments?

There are many Fortune 500 Companies who use personality tests today to better understand how to manage new hires or to help leaders lead. PEP Assessments are a simplified and very effective way to easily assess personality style, and they are specifically designed for coaches to learn how to better understand their players and staff. Combined with the specific techniques taught in the accompanying course, coaches learn how to work more effectively with their players and staff by improving communication skills.

Can I take the PEP Assessments without purchasing the UCoach Program?
You can preview a 3 question sample test on request, but the full 20 questions specific to Recruits, current Team Members, Assistant, Staff or Head Coach must be a part of the UCoach program. The reason is that learning what to do with your COLOR and how to Inte Great ACTivities to foster acceptance and understanding of each individual is more important than learning each person's COLOR. It is the ACTion of what to do and how to mold your team that is invaluable.

What exactly do I get for the UCoach Program?

♦ When you purchase the UCoach Program, you are purchasing a License to Use the program components as well as the online assessment tests. The License is bound by the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA.) You must agree to the EULA to purchase the Program License. View the EULA Here.

20 PEP Assessments for coaches, staff & players to be taken online. The base program includes 1 Assessment for Head Coach, 4 Assessments for Assistant Coaches & Staff, and 15 Player Assessments. The test system sends the COLOR Results for each person to the Head Coach via eMail, and the Head Coach has access to an Online Report Panel which summarizes remaining tests and details the results for each participant.

♦ The wristbands in four colors will be a part of the Team's COLORs Ceremony where players will learn about themselves and each other. It is the responsibility of the Coach to assemble the results for his team and purchase sufficient quantities in the appropriate colors to cover his assistants, staff and team's results. Wristbands are available at the bottom of the UCoach Program page.

♦ Detailed COLORs explanation of each Coach & Player specific to: Description / Team's Summary with Importance to Team members / Importance to Staff / Importance to Individual Players / Mottos / Highlights / Lowlights / Last Word which is descriptive of their intent;

♦ 6 Week Lesson Plans with detailed TEAM Activities centered on weekly 'Take A.I.M.' mini movie. Movies include: "A Simple Game,"  "Heey Coach," "This Season," "It All Matters," "Yeah Coach?!" and the "Understanding Your COLOR Movie"

♦ Specific Techniques and ACTivities to Define & Refine Stages of your Season with Inte Greating

♦ Your Guide to Great guidelines for how to Inte Great specific team activities

How does a potential recruit take the P.E.P. (Player Energy Profile) Assessment?
As part of UCoach Program, you will have the opportunity to access PEP Assessments for Recruits. You give each Recruit the login for the Assessment Test. The results will be sent to Head Coach instantaneously upon completion of the test. Allocations of Assessment Tests for recruits are sold separately at the bottom of the UCoach Program page.

Can the UCoach Program be used every year once purchased?
Coaches will want their teams to be re-assessed each year because no matter what, your team is different. Returning players have matured, there may be a mix of transfers or new recruits or a new coach on the staff. By Inte Greating each season, you give your team a chance and a method of becoming emotionally connected in a way that pre season community activities cannot develop.

Will there be yearly updates at no cost?
When you purchase the UCoach Program, you will own the Coach's Guide, the PowerPoint Presentation and Script, and access to the Assessment Test system. The only ongoing cost will be the additional PEP Assessment Test for each new round of testing, and the colored wristbands, available at the bottom of the UCoach Program page. You will also receive a periodic newsletter that will include current events and updated COLORs Program developments.

Do UCoach team activities replace traditional community events in pre season to create team bonding?
NO!....It improves them! However, coaches will learn how TEAM Inte Great will give them a jumpstart on the team bonding process, because it provides an opportunity within Lesson Plan structure and 'Take A.I.M.' mini movies with COLOR results to make each community event more meaningful.

Can I schedule Coach Schrad and / or Coach Reynolds to visit our school and team to do a "Take A.I.M." presentation for the Staff and/or for the Players?
Yes, you can schedule them with the online request form to reserve your dates. In addition, Custom Webinars are offered for coaches to learn, and we have our help line available at any time to answer any questions on the Lesson Plans. The PowerPoint slides are very easy to follow as well as the full script.

What type of On-Site Presentation can I expect from Coach Schrad and / or Coach Reynolds?
Every presentation is fully customized for your specific needs, pulling from Coach Mary Reynolds' decades of professional speaking and training on dozens of motivational and team-building topics, as well as Coach Mary Schrad's extensive Coaching and Fitness experience and knowledge. See the About page for more information on the Coaches. Complete the online request form or simply call 800-639-8191. After we receive your inquiry, we will schedule a call with you so we can learn more about your team to customize our "Take A.I.M. ACTion" Presentation for your team.

Can PEP & UCoach program be used at the high school or summer league team?

YES, however, the RECRUIT PEP Assessment Test is not applicable for this level, so you would omit this section. Every other section of UCoach program is applicable.

Can I purchase posters for summer camps, team promotions or send to Alumni?

Yes, you can call us if you need special pricing on large quantities for summer camps or see a list of prices on the website for fundraising, awards and promotion for your program. 800-249-8587